Have You Been to Chick-Fil-A Yet?

Today is the day conservatives are asked to show their support of the embattled fast food chain. Because of the owner’s support of traditional marriage, he has been criticized, and his business even urged to leave some cities.

In reality it’s a free speech issue. Any American has the right to state his views. He did. He did not discriminate against gays, ban them from working at his restaurant or refuse to serve them. Neither did he spew any hate speech about them. So what’s the problem?

That mayors of American cities actually came out against him is appalling. Whatever you think about gay vs. traditional marriage, you should be alarmed at the attempt to stifle free speech.

I just got back from visiting my local Chick-Fil-A. I decided to go around 10 a.m. so as to avoid breakfast or lunch crowds. I still had to wait ten minutes in the drive thru lane. The line snaked behind me and almost every spot in the parking lot was filled.

I asked the server if it had been busy all day. She said that it had and business had not slacked for a minute. She expected the whole day to go like that.

I hope it does.

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