Conservative? Try Liberal

How has the country been undermined? It’s a question conservatives ask, even though we experience one answer to this every day. The media has a large role to play in it.

Not so much the big things we all recognize, such as giving Obama a pass on every violation of the Constitution he makes. It’s the day to day little things, the drip, drip, drip that erodes the public’s beliefs. Take, for example, a seemingly harmless article in Saturday’s Commercial Appeal about the Olympics.

Geoff Calkins has a big picture and article on the front of the sports pages about Saudi Arabia’s first woman judo Olympian. It is certainly newsworthy. But look how he describes it all:

“When she stepped on the judo mat Friday, she became the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete in the Olympics.
“Shaking life (sic) a leaf,” said an Olympic official. “She was literally shaking.”
Of course she was shaking.
Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the world.
Women may not go anywhere without a male guardian. They cannot drive.
They are considered legal minors, under the control of their closest male relation.”

“One of the most conservative countries in the world,” he writes. No, not conservative. He is confusing conservative with orthodox, radical, traditional or fascist.

Conservatives are at the forefront of freedom. We believe in fewer rules, more personal freedom, not an overwhelming government presence in every aspect of our lives. We believe in religious freedom, too. If anyone doesn’t it’s liberals who continually show an antipathy towards Christians that is unprecedented in our country. They even defend sharia law which considers women chattel while we oppose it.

No, Calkins is just continuing the sly push of liberal propaganda. It doesn’t have to be on the front page. It has infiltrated the sports pages, soft news pages, entertainment and women’s magazines. Often, as here, it is something so small no one wants to make a big deal about it. Yet we should. We need to point out these inaccuracies and lies every time they happen, even the minor infractions. That’s how we lose the battle otherwise.

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