The Game They’re Playing Is Not Football

Rush Limbaugh has been talking about the liberals’ desire to end football. To the first time listener this might seem absurd, but sadly, his prognostications prove true more often than not.

I thought about that when I opened the newspaper this morning and saw the headline “Data show football may not be safe for kids.” Bingo! It has trickled down even to our little neck of the football loving woods.

The columnist for “Healthy Memphis” who penned this crap is a doctor and he claims to love the sport. But in this society, nothing a person likes can be approved unless it’s immoral. Then, have at it. The doctor got on the bandwagon citing statistics none of us can verify or refute to say it causes concussions which cause memory damage and depression.

“Sitting on the bleachers and watching my son’s friend take a hit in the chest – I felt it in mine. There were no concussions in the game, but there easily could have been,” he writes. Notice how it is automatically about him and his compassion. Then notice how his theory has no proof, but he still clings to it.

More follows in the same fashion.

Coincidentally, Limbaugh started talking about it on his radio show this morning. He talked about it because quasi-conservative George Will has raised a red flag about football, too. These talking points don’t happen in a vacuum. Getting rid of football is clearly something the left is working towards.

Given the government’s great concern for our welfare (except when Obamacare kicks in), maybe legislators should look towards other activities, too.

For instance, I like to cook. I have been burned and cut my fingers requiring stitches from time to time. I’ve probably slipped and fallen on the kitchen floor. And I am not alone. I have to think there are others out there who have experienced similar accidents.

So why not ban cooking at home? It could save lives. Think of how many people it could employ if our food is prepared for us at central locations. The SEIU would kill for this scenario. Sound ridiculous? We all know that Memphis City Schools think it is their right to serve students dinner now and even packing them three meals for Saturday and Sunday to take home.

Any time you think the left will wake up and realize how crazy they are, forget it. They never will. They will continue with this unless somebody stops them.

We’d better stop them in November.

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