Things You Don’t Know About Mitt Romney!

Hat tip Joe Septa and the merry gang of ad makers at the White House, I found out these terrible facts about Mitt. I think you should know them, too, before you pull the lever in November.

Someone in the Obama campaign – it doesn’t matter who! – saw this and reported it. You don’t need to know the details. Really.


Mitt will go to the express lane at the supermarket with 25-30 items when the limit is 15!

As governor, Mitt and his family parked in handicapped zones, knowing they’d get the ticket fixed!

Mitt Romney never sent me a get well soon card when my appendix came out. That’s how callous he is. Just because he was running Massachusetts at the time is no excuse.

Romney likes to make robo calls himself at dinner time, just to interrupt everyone’s meal. Through the use of drones from his super secret locations he can tell when every American eats and thus interrupt homey, quality time meals with middle class Americans!

His dog would poop on others’ yards and he never picked it up!

Romney threw away old paint cans at dumps without being environmentally safe. No wonder there is global warming!

He likes to break CFL lightbulbs and then run away, particularly in Democrat representatives’ offices.

Ann would put tooth fairy money out for the kids and Mitt would go and steal it. Ditto their candy on Halloween.

When he meets babies on the stump, Mitt likes to pinch them til they cry.

He likes to kick dogs before he ties them to the roof of his car.

What you don’t know about this menace makes Obama’s high unemployment rates, out of control deficit, lack of records from any part of his life, Solyndra scandal, Fast and Furious deaths, disposing of Medicare in Obamacare, terrible housing market and slump in retail sales pale in comparison, doesn’t it.

At least that’s what they’re hoping for in November.

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