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So far, conservative bloggers like the Ryan choice for VP.

That Andrea Mitchell and Candy Crowley already have decried it, makes it look all the better. Mitchell called it “not a pick for suburban moms, not a pick for women.” Yes, and you so loved Sarah Palin, didn’t you Andrea? Crowley says the pick “looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish.” You mean like Reagan Bush was?

With these two harridans against Ryan, Romney knows he’s onto something.

But at the New Yorker, Ryan Lizza pouts that Ryan “has no significant private sector experience.” You mean like Obama and Biden?

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, called him a “radical Republican.”

At, Alan Halbert says thanks.

The last time this term reverberated so loudly through the Capitol and the nation was during the troubled times leading up to the Civil War and during reconstruction after the war (1854 to 1877).

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on the right side of history when the Democrats are using this “hallowed” term once again. The Republicans gave this nation back its rightful heritage, washed away the sins of slavery, and cleansed the stain against the nations honor by bringing “freedom” to an enslaved people.

On his radio show this morning, Larry Kudlow had nothing but praise for Ryan who worked under Jack Kemp at one time. Others agree.

At legalinsurrection, Professor Jacobs says “the choice of Paul Ryan, and the reaction, finally got me off the donation sideline.”

Redstate’s Erik Erickson sayd it is “not a safe pick…suggests Mitt Romney knows he needs to shift momentum…Paul Ryan works.”

At Blogs for Victory,

Mitt Romney has solidified the conservative credentials of the ticket, and has positioned the conservative movement for the future with the pick of Paul Ryan! And I couldn’t be more pleased. As a seven term congressional representative and Chair of the House Budget Committee, Ryan has proven that he can appeal to the electorate, and win in a very blue state. He also has a unique ability to expose the lunacy of liberal policy, and articulate it in a very common sense manner. Democrats need to be very worried, and this may also prompt Obama to dump Biden, because let’s face it, Ryan is smarter, younger and has more common sense than either one of them on every issue. This is a great pick Mitt, well done.

Talk show host and scholar Hugh Hewitt says:

The theme of “the choice” is a good one, and the promise by both Governor Romney and Representative Ryan of a serious campaign of ideas contrasts very well with the politics of personal destruction coming out of Chicago. Ryan’s youth, energy and obvious command of details and arguments adds a great deal to Romney’s already considerable appeal, and the Badger State just went into the red column, rearranging the map in a stroke. Ryan’s Catholicism is of the serious sort and will also help Governor Romney up and down the line of battleground states.

Ryan is prime time ready and also very ready to be president, a man who came close to running himself and who had a large base of support to do so. Almost every serious journalist in America has had at least one sit-down with Ryan over the past few years, and the links to a few of the transcripts of our lengthy interviews from 2011 and 2012 are below. Congressman Ryan is always prepared, always quick on his feet, and always full of good humor and sincere curiosity…
With Ryan’s selection, Romney has reconnected the Reagan era with the rising generation. Ryan is a Bill Bennett-Jack Kemp protege, and a son of the midwest. It is powerful combo with Mitt Romney, the brilliant son-of-Michigan who was capable of rising in the east and saving a western Olympics.

At PJMedia Roger Kimball says:

I’ve been saying for some time now that Romney will beat Obama by a landslide. His choice of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as a running mate makes me even more confident that Romney will trounce Mr. Hope ’n Change. Ryan is an adult. Unlike Joe Biden, he does not regularly give the impression of having suffered a lobotomy. Ryan, unlike the entire Democratic establishment, understands that money does not come from the stork. He understands that individual liberty and limited government go together, and, what’s more, he is in favor of individual liberty, which the Democratic establishment certainly is not. He is energetic, articulate, personable, and mature.

At the headline is “Game On: Ryan Pick Begins Debate for America.”

At Powerline John Hinderaker says “Romney Doubles down on Competence.”

I admit to some surprise. Presumably Mitt Romney doesn’t think that the Milwaukee suburbs are the key to the White House, or the Eagle Scout demographic will swing the election. So the only explanation is that Romney wants the most competent ticket possible. When was the last time we had a national ticket with this much mathematical skill, or knowledge of finance? Probably never.

So Romney wants to contrast the serious guys who are out to save the country with the buffoonish and dishonest political hacks, Obama and Biden. Well, the contrast is real. But whether the voters will see it that way is another matter. One thing we can be sure of is that Ryan will perform brilliantly on the issues; especially, of course, the budget. Which could be important: Obama’s budgetary fecklessness should be his greatest liability, yet it seems often to be forgotten in more general discussion of the economy. If Ryan helps focus more attention on the budget and the nation’s crushing debt, it will be a plus.

Hot Air’s Erika Johnsen believes that “Paul Ryan is totally ready for his close up.” She gives plenty of samples to back this up. Take a look at:

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