Gotchas Avoided on 60 Minutes

Probably the most important part of the 60 Minutes interview last night with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was left on the cutting room floor.

Not by accident, either, in my opinion. Bob Schieffer discussed Medicare with Ryan who correctly targeted Obama as the one who will cut it and explained that his mother relies on Medicare. He did not want her or other old people to suffer from the drastic cuts coming to Medicare.

But that clip didn’t make it to the television audience. Maybe because it goes against the Democrat talking point of scaring seniors? Ya think?

The interview that did make air time showed a team on the ball for whatever Schieffer threw at them.

Romney and Ryan were completely at ease, the ease that comes with believing in your message and knowing it is the right one. Neither was mean spirited or desperate. Ryan summed up their campaign as focusing on “here’s how you get the country back on track.” They don’t plan on demonizing Obama, although his plan seems to be solely that towards them.

Schieffer did not press for details. He skirted any substantive policy plans and specifics about the economy. I guess he’ll leave that to the practiced Democrat slime machine.

It was a good first impression of the candidates. Schieffer brought up Romney’s introductory flub. He has introduced Ryan on Saturday as the next president of the United States. Romney acknowledged it with a laugh and recalled that then candidate Barack Obama had done the same thing in introducing Biden.

I guess I haven’t looked at 60 Minutes for a long time, but was that Morley Safer doing the intro? He looks like he’s barely hanging on. Sometimes it’s better to go out while you’re ahead.

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