Breitbart Should Be Here

It’s great that Chris Christie will give the keynote speech at the RNC convention. Lots of people will tune in just to catch him and hope he sticks it to the Democrats. Marco Rubio is also a good speaker. He will introduce Mitt Romney. That’s a homerun for the base which loves Rubio.

There’s one person I hope they do not overlook. He would have certainly attended and brought down the house had his life not been tragically cut short in March.

Andrew Breitbart deserves a special memorial at the RNC convention. He had a lot to do with the GOP’s 2010 comeback. He taught everyone to engage and not to let the liberal media overwhelm us. He knew that most Americans shared his feelings and was never afraid to confront those who lie and propagandize.

Breitbart did it with such joie de vivre. His optimism and sense of humor directed him and was infectious. He made us feel that we could and would be successful against the forces aligned against us. He did not shy away from the truth. He knew there were things about Obama that were suspicious and he relentlessly went after them.

He said he had something to share about Obama that could change the election. Perhaps that is why he is not with us anymore. I find some of the surroundings of his death suspicious and too advantageous for the Democrats not to get a second look.

Breitbart contributed much to his country in his short life and much to the GOP. Whether they honor him at the convention remains to be seen, but we all should need to rememberr that Breitbart was here and how lucky we are that he was.

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