What Is Donald Trump Up To?

Entrepreneur Donald Trump decided not to speak at the RNC convention. Instead, he tweeted that: “Today I am working on my ‘big surprise’ for the RNC convention. Everyone will love it.”

Admit it. You’re intrigued. Someone as flamboyant as Donald Trump will spice up the convention and probably draw more viewers to it just to see what it is. Some of them will never have tuned into a political convention before.

And that seems to have the left apoplectic.

Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner goes bitchy, headlining “Donald Trump’s ‘Big Surprise’ for RNC to Involve Glitter, Macaroni, Scissor Use.” My, Ms. Weiner you are so clever, aren’t you?

The HuffPo speculates:

So, Donald Trump has lately been touting the “big surprise” that he is “working on” for the upcoming Republican National Convention, which is of course going to be the classiest and most awesome surprise in the history of Republican National Conventions, the previous honoree being Pat Buchanan’s speech in 1992.

Recently, however, Salon’s Alex Pareene had reason to ruminate on all of the possibilities for what Trump had in store, and after what I’m sure was an exhaustive session of cogitation, and also Scotch, he came to a conclusion: “The real surprise is almost definitely just going to be some idiotic video where Trump ‘fires’ an Obama impersonator.”

Wonkette, a really nasty piece of work, has her own take:

He’s pregnant!
He’s Barack Obama’s real father…and Kenyan.
A fauxhawk.
Something shitty like the finale of Lost.
Fifteen minutes of has-been celebrities saying “You’re Fired!” into Trump’s iPhone.

Your Wonkette wants to bring together the combined brainpower of the Wonketariat to figure out what this surprise is and spoil it for all of the RNC-goers. It’s okay; they will be too bloated and tired off of four days of Chick-fil-A to even care.

They think they have it all figured out. An Obama impersonator will appear and Donald Trump will declare “You’re Fired!”

If that’s all it is, why do they care so much?

If you look on conservative sites, the opinions go in a different direction. Our side hopes it could be some revelatory information about Obama. We take the political process more seriously.

Not sure the RNC chieftains would let Trump do a publicity stunt. There is too much at stake for that. We’ll just have to see, but in the end, it’s a good thing Trump will appear at the convention. He’s not a conventional guy and a party that values the individual welcomes all.

And it is making the other side smoking mad, so that’s a good thing.

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