Year of the Chick Fil-A Voter

Look at this line from the Bay Area of all places:

Doesn’t this tell you something about this election year?

Some of us remember Nixon’s Silent Majority. He correctly figured out that most Americans didn’t go along with the radical, anti Vietnam War, hate America crowd that was the hippie part of the 60s. They weren’t able to or didn’t want to speak out about it. It wasn’t in their nature. But they did not like what was going on. Nixon appealed to them and won the election.

Maybe we are experiencing something like that again, if the whole Chick-Fil-A incident is any indication.

We’ve previously identified the Soccer Moms, Values Voters and WalMart shoppers as voting blocks. Pollsters discovered them. But the Chick-Fil-A voters came up organically. The same pollsters did not see them coming, but at the first opportunity to express their political feelings people lined up spontaneously to make a statement.

The Chick-Fil-A voter puzzles the Democrats. They’d like to brand them as anti-gay. They aren’t. They are tolerant people who resent any community forcing another to give up free speech rights for political correctness. Democrats don’t believe it, but the whole thing really had nothing to do with like or dislike of gays. It had to do with an out of control government insistent on shaping American mores.

The Chick-Fil-A voters may team up with another recently identified block, the CENGAS. This is pollster John Zogby’s term for “college-educated, not going anywhere” youth. They voted for the hopeandchangey thing last election, but found out they were duped.

This group seeks jobs and hopes to live independent of mom and dad, an impossibility in the Obama administration. Many have already switched to Romney.

These two groups are a significant threat to Obama’s reelection. So far, he hasn’t known what to do about them. He’s attacked them as racist, greedy or stupid. Not a way to woo them.

Let’s hope Romney and Ryan get it and get them.

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