Maybe It’s Time to Buy a Newsweek

I don’t even know how much the rag costs anymore, it’s been so long since I ever even considered buying one. But with this cover, it’s tempting:

What got into Newsweek? Why did they suddenly take a sober, realistic, conservative turn? Answer is they probably didn’t, but maybe this is a test to see how their circulation goes. Or a CYA if Obama wins and things turn even nastier.

Whatever it is, I wish they’d do more of it. Journalists don’t do themselves a favor by whoring themselves to liberal groups. In the end, it will destroy them. Even though we conservatives don’t like it when they attack us, we are more willing to admit our own errors than the liberals are. We value and understand the importance of a free press. They have forgotten the concept.

So maybe this is a good opportunity to do a Chick-Fil-A and stand behind them when they do something right.

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