2016: Obama’s America

This afternoon I went to the first showing of the above mentioned movie at Wolfchase. A line for tickets had already formed, which was surprising since we got there 20 minutes early, and this was the 1:10 showing, not usually one where you have to wait to purchase tickets.

Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative writer born in India, narrates the film. D’Souza felt a strange sort of kinship with Obama. His life follows, in an odd way, Obama’s. He was born in the same year, 1961; graduated the same year as Obama; and even got married the same year as Obama and Michelle. Both had exposure to life in the third world during their childhoods. But this is where the story diverges.

In a very fair way, D’Souza examines the background of Obama, especially his father. As he says, Obama’s “autobiography” (after numerous accounts, I share the belief that the true author is Bill Ayers), Dreams From My Father, is from his father and not of. It’s an important distinction.

So he goes in search of what Obama Sr.’s dreams were. D’Souza explains and shows that they are not dreams from America’s Founding Fathers. The dreams of Obama Sr. concerned getting the British out of his native Kenya. He hated all colonial nations and even suggested 100% income tax on the wealthy. The idea is to bring down the colonial powers by bringing them down to the level of the third world so that they suffer as he did.

Bus aside from his real father, Obama’s spiritual fathers are examined because they provided guidance his absent father did not. They are Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Jeremiah Wright, Frederick Unger, a Harvard professor from Argentina, and Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

For Americans, the dreams these men have are nightmares. Reducing our nuclear stockpiles until we are powerless, a United States of Islam in the Middle East, halting our energy production so that other powers like Brazil can overtake us are on the list and fast becoming realities. So is the scary scenario of a tipping point brought on my our debt. David Walker, U.S. comptroller from 2000-2008 paints a dire situation. We are near Greece in our debt situation. If we fall, it will have repercussions for us, but the whole world, too.

Throughout the movie, D’Souza interviews great thinkers, among whom Dr. Shelby Steele is one of the best and most enjoyable.

At the end of the movie, an unusual thing happened. The lights dimmed and a ripple of applause broke out and got louder. How many movies have you gone to where that happened? I can’t recall one. And this for a documentary – something Americans aren’t supposed to tolerate.

Go see the movie and see it quickly. Hard to say how long it will be here, but it’s a must see.

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