Tell them to vote!

That was the message of Sheriff Mark Luttrell, running for Shelby County Mayor.

With early voting, he notes it is really a three week long election, not just the one day in August. He decried that only 10% of Memphians opted to vote in the primary. Republicans can win, if they turn out, he says, and clubs can play a big role in getting others to vote.

Luttrell sees the overarching issue for Shelby Countians is economic development. Part of that involves safe streets and  a better education system that addresses truancy. We spend $10,000 per student vs. the state’s outlay of $8,000. Obviously we are not getting a good return on our taxpayer investment.

Luttrell also believes The Med must be sustained. It’s No. 1 in the state for trauma; No. 1 for burns; No. 1 for neonatal concerns. “We can’t afford to lose it,” he said, adding that he has the ability to work with Nashville and understands that just throwing money at the problem won’t help it. He would focus on the proper allocation of these funds.

Noting that “we are 1.7 billion in debt in Shelby County,” Luttrell says, “it will take 25-30 years before we see any improvement in this state” as we try to pay it off. The key, for him, is economic development, not higher taxes.

“We already have the highest property tax and sales tax,” he said, “and taxation is the last thing I would consider to solve this problem. We haven’t helped small business, either,” he said. “Small business development is the cornerstone for my plan.”

I would hate to lose this good public servant to this Democrat opponent, so I hope we all will work to get him elected.

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