Our Representatives in Tampa

Today’s Commercial Appeal has a story about Memphians at the RNC convention. Reporter Bart Sullivan, never one to miss an opportunity to bash Republicans, begins by saying “Let the infomercial begin.”

I don’t recall him talking that way about Democrats or about Obama when he holds a press conference or State of the Union address. The 2008 Democrat convention, complete with phony Greek columns, was a propaganda effort worthy of the Third Reich.

Anyhow, those mentioned in the article included David Kustoff, John Ryder, Arnold Weiner, Paul Boyd, Mark Norris, Brian Kelsey and Mark White. But also attending are Bubby Pleasant, Barrett Rich, Winfield Dunn, Larry Bates, Kelley Hankins (a Midtown Republican Club member and staffer for Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn), Lang Wiseman and Dennis Hawkins. Mick Wright is attending as a special guest.

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