Clint Made My Evening

While Clint Eastwood was speaking, I checked facebook. At the convention, Shelby County Probate Court Clerk Paul Boyd said Eastwood’s gig was going over well, but he didn’t know how it played on TV. Radio talk show host Mike Gallagher surmised that it was not a good idea. Others differed, too.

Critics, don’t be such quick draws. Lighten up. Eastwood was edgy. Isn’t that a plus in a scripted event? Aren’t we trying to shed the image of the old, dowdy white guy party? Eastwood helped.

Because he has always played bold characters, he could get away with telling us that sometimes when a guy is doing a bad job, it’s good to get rid of him (not physically, of course). He reminded us that we own the country. Sometimes citizens – and particularly media types and incumbents – forget that simple truth.

The bit with the empty chair reinforced his point that Obama’s is an empty presidency and that when the tough calls come, he can mouth the words, but he’s not really there. Perhaps he’s golfing. Anyway, it was a great visual.

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