Clint’s Speech Scared Them

“Eastwood’s chat didn’t make Republicans’ day” reads the front page story of today’s Commercial Appeal.

It’s from the New York Times, and as my husband said, it took two of them to work up a story about it.

Jeremy W. Peters and Michael Barbaro are shocked by “the off-color endorsement of Mitt Romney” in Eastwood’s improv. Wow, that’s a howler! These are people who dismissed what went on in the Oval office with Monica and Clinton as irrelevant and a nothing burger. Suddenly, not saying the f-word is off color. Who knew? The reporters are highly offended by something your grandmother would shrug off and laugh about.

These two prissy men must be sensitive waifs unaccustomed to the wicked ways of Hollywood and D.C. because they continue with their shocked schtick. “Eastwood delivered those points in a theatrical and at times crass, way that caught Romney aides off guard…” Oh my stars!

Obviously there is no place for theater at a convention, unless, of course, it has styrofoam Greek columns erected in a Western sports stadium. And crass! This dynamic duo finds Eastwood to be without refinement, delicacy or sensitivity – which is why his roles were so attractive to Americans. Please, no one tell these tender Boy Scouts about Obama’s gift suggestions. You know, his campaign plea to forgo giving brides, babies and birthday recipients presents when the money could be better used if detoured to his own coffers.

The reporters contend that even Romney’s people were caught off guard. Then, they go on to dispute their own premise. Some advisors say they knew about his remarks, others that they didn’t. Boys, as reporters you sure don’t get it, do you? Ever hear of pulling the wool over your eyes?

You can’t tell me that the Romney people were upset or surprised by Eastwood’s brilliant act. The convention was so scripted and every detail was so planned, that they couldn’t possibly have been caught off guard. The Democrats and the media were the two that were.

The act was masterful. Eastwood addressing an empty chair perfectly evoked our president. He’s an empty suit who is vacant from his job half the time. By having him in a chair, Eastwood made him subservient and that’s what he should be to the American people. Eastwood even said that: “We own this country…politicians are employees of ours…and when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.”

It’s a ploy right out of the Alinsky playbook. John Hayword said, “The intended recipient was not Mitt Romney, the convention delegates, or even Republican voters, but rather wavering independents. Clint was there to tell them it’s OK to find Obama, his ugly campaign operation, and his increasingly shrill band of die-hard defenders ridiculous. It’s OK to laugh at them.”

Ed Timperlake at the adds, “The key to delivering these messages is to somehow escape being labeled as “mean” or “racist.”

“Clint Eastwood occupies a special place in the modern American mind. His long career embodies, persistence (the spaghetti western exile during which he created an archetype, “the man with no name” despite being shunned by Hollywood as a failed star of a defunct Western TV show – Rawhide), fearlessness (Dirty Harry – a masterpiece that was immediately recognized by fans, and which took most critics years to appreciate because of its politically incorrect message), and only later, after decades of producing and directing, truth-telling master artist.

“Americans can hear hard messages coming from Clint. He has a certain immunity that comes with being old and beloved.”

And Clint knows it. Had he delivered his message in an old, pedantic way, it wouldn’t have hit the target. The Romney people knew this. Believe me, they were not offended. The controversy over it has sent millions of people who didn’t watch the convention to YouTube in search of it. The idea that it was edgy exposed them to some ideas they might not have recognized as their own beliefs.

Eastwood probably knew, too, that he’d be attacked as old, out of it and doddering. That’s right, go ahead and slime the elderly again. That will get you votes in Florida.

Messers Peter and Barbaro keep throwing your little spitballs at Eastwood and the Republicans. No one’s noticing but you. The rest of us will be busing replaying the clip and laughing all the way to Romney inauguration day.

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