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Tuesday the DNC holds their convention in Charlotte, N.C. It was a choice the Obama campaign managers thought would help them secure a state they had won in 2008, but has been slipping away from them.

Trouble dogged them from day one. Seems the unions didn’t like work going to a non-union using state. Then the Dems managed to host themselves at the Bank of America stadium, when that name began to smell like yesterday’s Wall Street garbage bins. On top of that, money for events they wanted to stage there evaporated, leaving event planners in the lurch.

So what will happen this week? Already we’ve gotten off to an inauspicious start. Sand from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was shipped to Charlotte to create this 16 foot tall monument for the Democrat National convention.

It washed away in a downpour Saturday.

Numerous Democrats have decided not to attend the thing, most prominently, Hillary Clinton. She’ll be as far away as possible.

Not so her husband. Bill will be there with bells on. Alarm bells, maybe, because the Obama people will not get to see his speech before delivery. The animosity between the Obama camps and the Clinton camps is palpable. Will Bill cloak his endorsement of Obama in double entendres? Would you trust him?

Would you trust Elizabeth Warren either? She’s the Democrat candidate facing Scott Brown for his Massachusetts senate seat. She’s the one who started the whole you-didn’t-build-that routine. She has wangled a top speaking spot at the convention. Do the Democrats really want to build on their troubles?

Aside from Democrat office holders, much of the public may stay away, too. The DNC has had a hard time giving out tickets to the convention and fear the stadium may not be filled for the anointed one. So recklessly have they distributed tickets that some Republicans or Occupy people may get seats and use the opportunity to antagonize speakers.

And those Occupy people will be out en masse. A group calling themselves the Coalition to March on Wall Street has banks such as the Bank of America funded and named stadium hosting the Dems in its crosshairs.

Also present will be a large gathering of Muslims.

The Charlotte Observer reports that organizers anticipate as many as 20,000 Muslims will take part in “Jumah at the DNC,” which will feature town hall meetings to address issues like Islamophobia, anti-Sharia, the Middle Eastern crisis, and the Patriot Act. They claim their goal is to make the general public aware that the Muslim community is a healthy and vibrant component of American society.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch believes the thrust of the gathering is clear: “To portray Muslims as innocent victims of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia so as to intimidate Americans into being afraid to resist Jihad and Islamic supremacism.”

Spencer is suspicious of Jumah at the DNC because the grand imam for the event is Siraj Wahhaj, a man who had a close relationship with convicted terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman, “The Blind Sheikh,” in the early 1990s.

“The Blind Sheikh, of course, is now serving a life sentence for masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center attack, as well as for plotting to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel,” Spencer reports.

A promising gathering, eh?

If all that goes off without a hitch, there is one more element that will draw trouble to the Dems. I don’t see how Obama resists jabbing Clint Eastwood and the Republicans. He’s done it before with gestures that suggest he’s flipping the bird and he’s done it before with outright lies. Right with him is Joe Biden, who has never been able to keep his mouth from flapping when the spotlight’s on him.

Watch for these two to make some seriously damaging remarks. Their remarks will come off to a public already used to their gaffes and insults as petty, childish, vindictive and unworthy of the offices they hold. Michelle might even get into the act.

No wonder so many Democrats want to avoid the snare of Charlotte’s web.

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