Romney, Put on the Daddy Pants!

This morning, presidential candidate Mitt Romney extrapolated on his early remarks in which he called yesterday’s attack on our embassies “outrageous” and “disgusting.”

Romney condemned the bombings, indicated he would not put up with them in a Romney administration and defended our right to freedom of speech. It was good and he looked presidential. Funny, Obama later also called the acts “outrageous,” too.

Now we have this meme pushed by the media that it was wrong for Romney to jump in and actually comments on this issue. This is a red herring. I, as an American, want to know what and how Romney would react to future terrorist acts. Does he give them a pass? Come across as milque toast as Obama does? Fulfill his responsibility as commander in chief and defend the U.S.? I and others need to know before we cast our votes.

Our media forgets – wilfully – how Obama acted in 2008. He pranced around Europe, made a big speech in Berlin and made comments on Bush foreign policy. For that, the media applauded him!

Post convention, I have missed the passion I saw in Tampa. I want to see Romney fighting mad. I don’t want to see him calm. I want to see him angry about the death of Americans at our embassies and about Moody’s threat yesterday to drop our credit rating. I want to see him and Ryan screaming about gas prices. I want them to talk about the lack of jobs with real fervor. And, I want them to remind Americans of the disaster that is Obamacare.

The campaign needs to forcefully attack this president day after day and not just via ads in swing states. Too much is at stake. It’s not just a political party or a candidate that stands to lose, it’s the whole nation as we face economic collapse and chaos should Obama win reelection.

Maybe this event will get Romney moving. He’s done pretty well today, but it needs to crescendo. The daddy pants fit Mitt much better than Barack, and he needs to show us.

Time is evaporating.

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