Media Hysteria, Again

The closer we get to the election, the more insane and hysterical our liberal media becomes. Whenever a candidate opposing their candidate gains traction, they start lashing out. They did that yesterday. The attempt to turn Mitt Romney’s solid comment on foreign policy into a gaffe illustrates perfectly their responses. It was, to paraphrase Romney, an “outrageous” and “disgusting” spectacle.

Four Americans had hardly gone cold when the media shifted into high gear. Rather than blame the right person, President Obama, they decided to go after Romney. There is even a sound bite of their conspiring before Romney’s press conference. “No matter who he calls on, we’re covered,” one says, alluding to group questioning of his “mistake.” Here it is:

The media’s response might as well have been “don’t look at the train wreck coming right at you. That squirrel over there looks dangerous!” Don’t mention, lamestream media, that no protection was afforded our embassies on the most obvious and critical day of the year for their safety, 9/11. No Marines were protecting our embassy in Libya. Don’t mention that or the truth that locals there betrayed us.

Don’t mention that the YouTube movie was just an excuse for aggression; the riots were planned ahead of time, even with the involvement of Ayman Al Zawahiri’s brother present in the Cairo crowd. Don’t mention Egyptian president Morsi’s silence in the face of all this or that our only ally in the region, Israel, was snubbed by Obama.

Don’t mention that Obama trotted off to a Las Vegas fund raiser on a day of tragedy for the nation. Or that he flew to “60 Minutes” to cry and whine to them about the mean old Romney saying mean things. Don’t remind the nation that Obama’s speech in Cairo after his election was supposed to bedazzle the Arab world so as to halt any bad relations with them forever.

Don’t let it slip into your minds, media, that the American public might want to know what Romney thinks of the situation; that we are voters and entitled to hear what he says.

Instead, the idiots focused on the propriety of Romney saying anything!

Remember in 2004 how the media got in a frenzy over some munitions? On October 24, the New York Times reported that some munitions sites were left unguarded in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. The Left went apoplectic, condemning Bush for his negligence. Our side started breast beating about how could that have happened, falling into the press’ trap. Would we lose the election over this, Republicans cried?

We didn’t. And shortly after the election, the issue faded completely away. Why? Because it wasn’t really an issue. There wasn’t any substance to the whole story. It was just a mechanism the liberals used to try to stir up trouble.

They’re doing it again with Romney. They are blowing this up to help their floundering candidate and promote discord among Republicans.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. That is, unless you enjoyed President’ Kerry’s term.

Here’s a picture the media isn’t showing much. It’s our Ambassador’s body being dragged through the streets of Libya. And Romney was wrong to criticize what’s happening there?

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