Call Fire

I attended the Shelby GOP workshop on Call Fire, a new method of reaching voters on the phone via the internet.

Phase one of the strategy is community organizing, to coin a phrase. Don Johnson, Shelby GOP director, explained that the party is first trying to get people at the neighborhood level. We are using precinct captains to contact others in their own precinct to tell them about the upcoming election and urge them to vote. He explained that Scott Brown used a similar technique in his successful Massachusetts senatorial campaign.  We hope to contact people who have voted Republican in previous primaries by July 2.

Phase 2 will start after July 5 and target less regularly Republican voters.

I went home and tried it and found it to be easy. You log into Call Fire and it will start dialing people on our voter lists. I was easily able to do ten in a small amount of time. The script asks for email addresses which will be helpful in contacting people personally and directing them to the candidates in their district. Even though Midtown does tilt towards the Democrats, it is rewarding to find many people who feel like we do about the Obama administration.

Another plus is it will suggest more people we can contact to join our Midtown Republican Club.

Barbara Trautman is heading up this division and if you want to volunteer, please contact her.

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