Wait on That Despair

Yesterday’s insights by the Republican Insider made things look bleak indeed.

And they are bleak for Republicans. Somehow, even though we are only one third of Washington, D.C., the blame for everything that goes wrong seems to land on us. The media is only too happy to join President Obama and Harry Reid in pointing the finger of blame on the right. Every issue is enlarged out of proportion and propped up by cartoon like images of villains and heroes with a slogan or two thrown in. It’s a tactic that wins the low information voter who can only use their intelligence on the shallowest level. And the low information voter holds the majority in America today.

We appear to lack decisive leaders on our side. We would like people who would stand up and plainly say what the facts are. They don’t seem to be anywhere about. We need a Churchill, a Reagan, a Lincoln. Instead we’ve got Boehner, McConnell and the former leader of the party, Mitt Romney, who has disappeared into the mist. We can’t call on President Bush because he has become the scapegoat for all the troubles in the country. No one has come forward as deliverer.

Even so, it isn’t all bleak. Four years ago in 2009 Obama was riding high. He and his party saw nothing but blue skies ahead. They imagined they would dominate for decades since they had the House and Senate.

Then came 2010. They lost the House and many state governorships and legislatures. In 2014, the GOP added a few more at the state level. From the perch of 2009, it didn’t seem like that would be possible.

What happened? The Democrats revealed themselves. They shoved Obamacare down our throats. People regurgitated and threw up or out Democrats. The Tea Party surfaced. Americans got more involved in politics. It was a setback for the Dems.

Right now we’re recovering from our surgery. We aren’t at full strength. We feel and are weak. Strength will return, however. Two years is a long time in politics. The next election is too far away to make any accurate predictions. The Democrats will go too far as they always do and, hopefully, rouse the American voter. Truth will come out no matter how the media tries to hide it.

We must be ready and not despair now. Our forefathers didn’t even in the dark days of Valley Forge. And they triumphed.

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