Yesterday: a GOP beginning

Yesterday was a great day for Republicans in Shelby County.

The GOP dominated all Shelby County officials sworn into office. We swept in with Mayor, Sheriff, Circuit Court Clerk, Criminal Court Clerk, Juvenile Court Clerk, Probate Court Clerk, County Register, County Clerk and County Trustee. It was a joy to see them all on stage and then to see each being sworn in. The Canon Center was full and the Arlington High School Jazz Ensemble kept everyone’s mood up.

[nggallery id=1]Each of our officials was sworn in easily and well, thanks to help from Chairman Lang Wiseman. It didn’t go so well for the Democrats who amused everyone by not knowing to raise their right hands for the oaths; I guess that pull to the left for them is always strong! When Henri Brooks stepped up to the Bible to be sworn in as District 2, Position 2 County Commissioner she seemed unenthusiastic. If I recall, she has had an unwillingness to say the pledge of allegiance in public also.

But the most humorous swearing in was Democrat Steve Mulroy. His unusual red tennis shoe type foot apparel seemed a little incongruous with the surroundings. However, when he took the oath from The Honorable John Fowlkes, Jr., for District 5 County Commissioner, parrotting the judge, he went so far as to say “I, state your name” instead of “I, Steve Mulroy.” Maybe the Democrats are a little too willing to follow the party line on every occasion.

Former Mayor Jim Rout was the moderator and offered a personal reminiscence when it came time for Wayne Mashburn to take office.

Rout said he was working with Mayor Bill Morris when his uncle, Sonny Mashburn, decided to run for Shelby County Clerk. Neither Rout nor Morris thought Mashburn had a chance. Even as the election approached, they just didn’t see Mashburn winning the race.

Rout said his uncle calmly prayed on it, talked to lots of people and thought he had a chance. Mashburn proved them wrong and won the position, keeping it for 11 years.
So Rout said he was particularly happy to swear in Wayne Mashburn, Sonny’s son and Rout’s cousin, to the same post his father held.

In politics, it’s good to have a dream and follow it. I hope this swearing in is a sign of things to come, with Republicans continuing to have a major role in the running of our city, county and state. At least that’s my dream.

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