Top Ten Reasons We Want Bush Back

Victor Davis Hanson
Victor Davis Hanson

The astute historian Victor Davis Hanson has a must-read piece out today. He notes that Bush now polls better than Obama in Ohio (50-42) and in other hypothetical matchups. Why? Hanson counts the ways.

Here’s a taste (but you must really read it yourself): Obama is “whine and petulance versus Bush’s rugged individualism.” Obama is “stiff and uncomfortable with himself off the court or golf course.” O’s more yuppie (perhaps we should dust off the old ’80s term buppie) than “frat boy Bush.” “Axelrod and Emanuel could not stage a chainsawing task for Obama if they tried,” Hanson writes. “Severe injury would surely follow.” As for disasters, Bush had Katrina, O had BP. “Oh, how Nemesis likes to strike in the same locale!” says Hansen.

If you’re a Bush fan, you’ll enjoy this article. If you like Obama, it’s hard to deny the truth of what Hansen says.

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