October Surprise and What to Do about It

A secretive political adviser who goes by the name Obi Wan Kenobi posts from time to time on Hugh Hewitt and National Review. The sage shares his Madison Avenue/Wall Street opinions on how conservatives can capture popular opinion and turn it into electoral wins.

Frequently our side tends to quake and concede to the other side rather than stand and fight for our principles. His most recent caveats make for an interesting read. Take a look.

I agree that this year the Democrats will throw everything they can at our candidates. I would caution also not to believe a lot of what they put out. I’ve heard many things Michael Steele has said blown up to make him and Republicans look bad. Don’t fall for it. Unless I hear something personally – and in context – I’m not willing to concede that our side messed up. Think of who benefits from the smear? Who are the biggest targets? Who do they want to take out? After you consider this, it gives some perspective. Rush Limbaugh says you know who they fear by the ones they attack. So true!

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