Unhealthy Trend

I’ve noticed a succession of stories downplaying the need for diagnostic tests such as mammograms; that certain operations are unnecessary or deleterious to your well being; and today’s AP story: “End of Life medicine grows intense, expensive.”

Certainly there seems to be a push by the media to influence people towards Obamacare. How else explain this sudden shift in sentiment? Every October we are barraged with entreaties to get tested for breast cancer or at other times, subjected to pleas for colonoscopy exams huckstered by celebrities such as Katie Couric.  Today’s broadside tugs at the heartstrings of a young mother whose “precious time at home could have come sooner if the family had known how to talk about alternatives to aggressive treatment,” according to the deceased’s sister. Or maybe not. This is all speculation.

But it continues: “We might have just taken her home and stuck her in a beautiful chair outside under the sun and let her gorgeous little daughter play around her – not just torture her,” she continues.

The article decries how “Americans increasingly are treated to death.” The implication is that the treatments were doomed to fail anyhow and that the patient might have been spared pain.

Ever hear of a miracle? Ever hear of doctors being confounded by an unexplained turnaround? Whose to say a patient wants to be in pain, even if it’s at home. Maybe they’d prefer to take their chances in the hospital and fight for life.

Pope John Paul II decried our culture of death. The Obama administration does seem to be enamored with it when you consider the drip, drip, drip of such stories to reinforce Obamacare.

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