Poll Questions

Zogby sends me a poll to fill out during the election seasons.

In the past I have been puzzled by some of the weird questions they throw out that have involved everything from horoscopes to bathroom usage in pools. Whatever. I like to fill them out and take the opportunity to express my views.

But I have often had doubts about them and how they are used. For instance, some questions fail to have all the possible answers, as in “does not apply to me” or “I don’t know.” Taking their choices will not express my view.

Even so, you can cut Zogby some slack , I suppose, as  they are looking for easy to quantify results and numbers.

Still, I have questions as I do tonight. First, I notice that some candidates names don’t just have a circle to punch, but also a square around them, calling attention to them. That would usually be the Democrat candidates, and, not surprisingly, the Democrat candidate always seems to get the top billing, even if his name is alphabettically towards the end. That happened when the question of Tennessee governor came up. McWherter superseded Haslam, and had a square around his circle.

I punched Haslam and the program came to a screeching halt. I clicked on “Continue ” and nothing happened. The page  said 77% of the questionnaire had been completed, so it was not the end. I refreshed my browser and then, when I tried to resume the survey, a box popped up and said “Thank you for completing the survey.” I could not get back to where I was to finish.

I guess I don’t have a high opinion of pollsters or I would not have these questions about their intent. Perhaps these are all odd coincidences; but most of us today are savvy enough to believe our own “lying eyes” over theirs.

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