Turn on the Right Network

Wednesday marked the beginning of www.rightnetwork.com, a new website started by actor Kelsey Grammer and some fellow conservatives. Their aim, as I interpret it, is to give the right a place for comedy, documentaries and shows a home of our own.

I first clicked on some of the shows they are offering. I like the idea for “Running,” which follows candidates who have never run for office before.  “Have you ever wondered what makes someone run for Congress and subject their families to all that goes with it?” asks the host. Incumbents like Dan Rohrabacher of California and Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan throw in their commentaries. The first episode runs 46 minutes and follows John Dennis, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi, and An Davis, who has aimed at Henry Waxman. Looks promising. Or at least it does for us political junkies.

“Right 2 Laugh” features comedian Evan Sayet and others. Set in a comedy club, the show has other stand ups who like to skewer political correctness and indulge in satire. There is another show about a fictitious senator and other offerings as well.

You can also find interesting articles, documentaries, Hulu clips, a weekly poll and weekly news items on Right Network. I was interested to see the writers and bloggers who endorse and/or submit articles. It’s a great list of talented authors such as James Lileks, Iowahawk, Michelle Malkin, The Corner, Robin of Berkley from American Thinker, Hillbuzz and Andrew Breitbart’s Big family: Government, Hollywood, Journalism and Peace.

Take a look at it and see what you think.

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