Hook, line and stinker

Carp for the Czar
Something fishy from Obama

With the economy floundering, and definitely in the tank, you’ll be heartened to know that the Barack Obama administration has busied itself finding us a new czar for our problems. A Carp Czar.

No, that isn’t a typo for Car Czar. I think that czar has already taken his place in the Obama firmament. Nor Tarp czar; I believe we have one of those, too. Nor is it a czar who will monitor and address the carping most of us have done at the Obama administration’s destructive policies, although he would be busy 24/7.

Carp, as in fish. Carp, as in the big fish introduced some places in the 1970s with the idea that it would help water treatment plants in the South to keep their retention ponds clean. Seems the fish adapted so well to its new waters that carp  now threaten to invade the Great Lakes.

And with that perilously close to Chicago, the home fiefdom of both Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin, the problem requires immediate attention and, of course, lots of bucks.

So on September 8, John Goss was named Carp Czar by President Obama. Goss, a former leader of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Independent Wildlife Federation, netted the job. The White House, according to WGN news sources , says he will oversee the federal response to keeping the invasive species out  of the Great Lakes before it can threaten the pure environs of Chi town.

Goss will make sure that millions in federal money is spent efficiently. the White House says.

To most of us, this fish story smells. Give a Democrat an open checkbook and you can bet he’ll start reeling in the catch for his many friends.

Now it may be true that the carp is dangerous to us citizens, but I kind of wish they’d direct their efforts to the Islamo-terrorists instead. I don’t see the carp trying to smuggle a nuke or hack  into banking system or power grids.

And besides, if the solution to the pond problem in the 70s is now proved wrong, why should we believe they’re right this time?

I think the maws of the ever growing federal government are more frightening than the jaws of a freshwater fish. The insatiable appetite of Uncle Sam far outdoes that of any creature in the waters.

So for now, carpe diem. Seize the day before Washington D.C. does. With the election less than two months away, let’s hope people go out and vote Republican in huge numbers and these kind of policies sleep with the fishes.

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