A Tale of Two Cities

Want to see two versions of an event that happened in Memphis? This story illustrates the attitude of progressive driven liberals vs. ordinary Memphians.

Velma Massey is an elderly lady in her 80s who lives alone in North Memphis/ . Like most elderly, she lives on a fixed income. She has been unable to pay her full utility bill each month, but faithfully pays part of it. Because of a water leak, her MLGW bill climbed to $4,000, and she faced having her utilities cut off.

Luckily for her, the IBEW local MLGW union stepped in and paid her bill. The union has a Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation which donates to people like her in tight straits. They also went to her home and repaired the broken water pipe. The union has donated $400,000 to help people like her.

The union members performed an act of kindness and solved the problem for Mrs. Massey. But MLGW didn’t see it that way. For them, it is an indication that Memphians need smart meters and need to move on them soon. Here’s the story from their website. It’s titled “Smart Talk: Helping our most vulnerable customers.”

A North Memphis resident, Velma, is 86 years old. She lives alone on a fixed-income. Velma pays a portion of her bill faithfully each month, but never the full amount. Her bill ballooned due to a bad water leak, and she’s never been able to catch up. MLGW donated repairs to fix the leak, and agencies donated funds to keep her utilities on, but the financial damage was already done. It’s because of Velma, and customers like her, that MLGW is proposing the deployment of smart meters.

Smart meters will automatically detect leaks, so homeowners can take corrective action and avoid the financial hardship leaky water pipes can have on their utility bills.

Leak detection isn’t the only benefit. Smart meters afford many other advantages that provide monetary relief to impoverished customers without any change to their energy consumption habits. Reduced fees and the ability to offer a prepaid option have the potential for huge savings. Here’s how:

The press release then goes on to say that prepaid bills eliminate the cost of security deposits; save money by lower connection fees and reconnection fees. Then it says, “In summary, smart meters can help customers like Velma avoid financial disaster and keep more money residents’ pockets (sic).”

Liberal progressives never miss an opportunity to be crass and pounce on someone’s troubles to promote their agenda. The union people just helped out. There’s the true charity.

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