Cohen Echoes War on Women

In his weekly e-letter to constituents, Rep. Steve Cohen used the “Republican War on Women” theme as a header to one of his articles.

Democrats relish this term and throw it around anytime they possibly can. They feel it is a successful argument for them. You’d think there are no married Republican men because women hate them so much. And yet, there are! Republican children, too, as proof that these women do tie the knot with a GOPer.

This week, I voted against an unconstitutional bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The bill, which unfortunately passed 228 to 196 despite my vote in opposition, endangers the health of women by denying care to women in the most desperate of circumstances, even if they learn that their fetus has anomalies incompatible with life or that continuing to carry the pregnancy will have detrimental effects on their own health. Instead of wasting time on a bill that the Senate won’t pass and President Obama would veto, the House should be working on bills to create jobs, fix our crumbling infrastructure, and require background checks on the purchase of firearms.

No mention – there never is – that some of the babies killed would eventually be women.

Funny, too, that even though he feels Republicans wage war on women, none has stepped up on to marry Cohen.

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