Biden Bombs

Even Democrats have to admit that our new president is an umimpressive guy.

He can’t raise much of an audience, as proven on his low rating ten minute, pretend State of the Union address on Thursday. Did you tune in? Did anyone you know watch?

Why would you? Most Americans know he’s going to lie to them and it is frankly embarrassing to watch “our leader” demonstrate what a physically pathetic and mentally disabled man looks like. He’s obviously very weak. Too weak to have won the election. Too weak to steal it. Others did it for him as they “campaigned” for him from his basement, i.e. the media spread his message. Does he even know this?

Some are referring to him as Zhou Baiden; others as Chairman Xiden both in nods to the real president. Another calls him the unelected president, but my favorite is pRESIDENT Biden because he is only residing in the White House.

We all know, too, that ten minutes is about all the pRESIDENT can handle. Even with a teleprompter. The thing had to have been taped earlier in the day and then been edited like crazy.

Here was one commentator’s impression. “He reeks of Old. Even his hair looks old. The word doddering comes to mind. The squinting eyes make him look even older – and a bit angry – while the vacant look when his eyes open and just gaze is also disconcerting. Lights barely on and nobody home.”

Political author Conrad Black added to this. He called the speech a “complete and total failure.”

“Joe Biden’s first address to the nation was at least coherent, as he spoke directly to the teleprompter and his diction was comprehensible. But it was repetitive and ungracious and lugubrious. He was incapable of giving the slightest credit to his predecessor, although President Donald Trump is almost solely responsible for advancing the vaccine timetable more than anyone could have hoped for. Trump was roundly condemned by the Democratic media last May for predicting a vaccine before year-end, but it was in fact distributed starting on December 11, and on Inauguration Day, one million vaccinations were effected in the United States for the first time…
“Nor is the president’s appearance reassuring. He has a sickly pallor, is underweight, and quavers at times. Everyone will wish him good health and long life, but his appearance and manner on Thursday night will not incite confidence that he is likely to enjoy them. President Biden is oddly dyspeptic and downcast for someone who used to proclaim his ability and temptation to beat his chief opponent (Trump, who looks like Tarzan in comparison), to a pulp. Given that the country is approaching 100 million vaccinations and the incidence of death and of hospitalization for the virus is sharply declining and herd immunity approaches apace with a complete vaccination program, he should have been much more optimistic and upbeat, captured the spirit of springtime, disarmed the scores of millions of Trump supporters with a kind word on the subject which the whole nation can agree with: thanksgiving at the decline of the coronavirus and the approach of the end of the crisis.”

Ouch! And touche!

People are betting on how long Biden will be allowed in office. Some say six months. I put my money on two years because that means Kamala can ascend and then run again for president in 2024. It’s something she can’t do if she assumes office too quickly. It would violate the two term rule.

But then again, when did rules ever matter to the Democrats or the ruling class?

The Question No One Asks

In the Harry/Meghan/Oprah interview assault on the British royal family, there is one thing I have not heard discussed.

When Meghan suggested that someone in the palace asked how dark their baby would be, was that a bad thing?

Before jumping off on a racist screed about this, ask yourself what no one has. Is Meghan suggesting herself that a dark baby is bad? Is she assuming that is bad? Does she equivocate being black, blackish or mocha as undesirable? Few people today would. She would be suggesting that coming out looking like herself would be frowned upon by the very royals who embraced her.

Perhaps whoever said that – if someone did say that – was followed up by ‘I hope the baby is dark or darker than that whiter than white Harry. Or I hope the baby does have honey colored skin. Or perhaps that they were hoping it wouldn’t be ginger his or her dad, Harry.

Seems to me a lot has been assumed in this verbal conflagration.
Are the real racists Meghan and Harry? You can decide.

Meghan Plays Her Cards

It’s embarrassing that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, is an American.

Then, that the White House got involved via spokesperson Jenn Psaki who called the couple “private citizens” (they’re not, they are royals who work for the British people) and applauded their honesty (were they?). She made it worse by sympathizing with the “racism” that Markle alleged and the mental health issues that the palace supposedly ignored.

Take a look at this


Now They’ve Come for Mallard Fillmore

Dr. Seuss, the Disney Mandalorian actress, George Washington and now Mallard Fillmore have gotten the axe. Is there no one safe from the liberal thought police?

No. Not even a comic strip. Not even a very important, scandalous or wildly popular comic strip.

Gannett, the pathetic parent of our own beloved Commercial Appeal, has tossed Mallard. The Washington Times explains why Mallard has been plucked:

Bruce Tinsley, creator of the 27-year-old cartoon, said he was told this week by his syndication company that Gannett newspapers across the country simultaneously dropped the comic over two strips critical of President Biden and transgender participation in women’s sports.

“It was a big shock,” Mr. Tinsley told The Washington Times. “From what I’m hearing, it was unprecedented. My syndicate had never seen anything like it.”

He said officials at King Features, which syndicates the cartoon, said that “a decision was made at the [Gannett] corporate level, and they weren’t sure exactly why, except that they were sure it was about those two cartoons.”

The two comics ran Feb. 19-20. The first depicts Mr. Biden musing: “For too long, segregation sullied women’s sports … They were restricted to women! Thank goodness those dark days are over.”

In the second cartoon, Mr. Biden says, “I hear what you, the American people, want me to do … kill fossil-fuel jobs … devalue Americans’ labor … and help more transgender athletes beat the *@!# out of biological females.”

Certainly, “Mallard Fillmore” has been known to ruffle feathers, but Mr. Tinsley said he didn’t think the strips referring to Mr. Biden’s Jan. 20 executive order on gender identity and sexual orientation were over the top.

“I’ve thought a million times, ‘This is it, I don’t even know if I’m going to turn this in,” said Mr. Tinsley, referring to previous comics. “But of all the cartoons — it vaguely centers on Biden’s doing that as his first executive order. There certainly was nothing derogatory about transgender people. It was just about what I see as a really unfair environment in sports.”

Who’s next? The Charmin bear?

Sign Up for Election Integrity

If you feel that election integrity is of the utmost importance for voters in Tennessee, you will want to express your opinion to our legislators.

A petition has started for this very purpose and you can sign it here:

All other issues are moot if the people cannot express themselves. Our Tennessee lawmakers must know we want this.