American Thinker blog posted a commentary on the picture of Obama, Gates and Crowley on the way to their beer summit. Gates was being helped by Officer Crowley as Obama sprinted ahead. The writer suggested it showed an unhelpful, narcissistic side of Obama. He got a negative comment on it by a Memphian, Ray Bauthiaum. Curious, I googled him to find he is involved with Grace St. Luke’s and the Mid South Peace and Justice Center. But when I googled him one of the listings said “Are you sure you want to flag Ray Bauthiaum?” and “Why are you flagging this item?” The latter linked to a “progressive” group. Seems like the astroturfers are all over anyone critical of The Won.

Dems as Carnack

Remember Johnny Carson’s Carnack skit? He always had the answer even before the question was asked. For the Democrats whatever the issue, the answer is taxes. And by that I mean RAISING taxes. Social Security a problem? Raise taxes and voila, it’s solved. High gas prices, low supplies? Raise the gas tax as one Dem congressman has suggested. Don’t like the war? How about a surplus tax to pay for it.

Do they ever have a forward thinking idea? Next time an issue is discussed, check it out. They can tax their way out of anything.

Just watch your wallet.

Where’s Waldo? Or even Geraldo?

Why is it some stories just seem to disappear faster than documents in Sandy Berger’s socks? For instance, is anyone looking into Harold Ford Sr.’s voting? Does he vote here or does he vote in Florida? Maybe he’s a bi-voter. Shouldn’t someone take a look into this?

I also would like an update on Mary McCarthy. Don’t remember her? She’s the CIA employee who was hauled off a year and a half ago and some think she was a leaker pal of Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Rand Beers, et al. Shortly around that time CIA director Porter Goss resigned. Now there are stories about a new internal CIA investigation under director Michael Hayden. Did Mary just poof away or is she blabbing. Enquiring minds want to know.

After S, P?

Once the Democrats attain their nirvana of universal health care, can pet health care be far behind? Why should Fluffy or Spot have to suffer diabetes, back trouble, cancer or heart disease just because they’re a dog or cat? Quick, somebody tell one term Stevie (our congressman) of this disparity so he can introduce a P (pet) chip. I’m sure PETA would stand beside him.