High (?) on Obama

Ben Stein reports something he heard while lunching with friends in Sandpoint, Idaho. A social worker who works with children of meth addicts and alcoholics was commenting on how bad things are. “What’s really making it worse,” she said, “is this 99-week thing. Now that people who are unemployed can get paid for doing nothing for almost two years, some of them just stay high as long as they can and don’t do anything else.” Y’a think?

Mad Men GOP Image

Don Draper stumping for the GOP? When he went to his son’s birthday party in Sunday’s episode of  “Mad Men, ”  he brought  the tyke a great big stuffed elephant. Relevant, because his ex-wife’s husband works for  Republican governor Nelson Rockefeller and has been approached by John Lindsay’s camp to work for him. Republican Lindsay went on to win the New York mayor’s race in 1966, but later changed to Democrat. Figures. He was considered a lousy mayor.