Seeing an Opening

Yesterday’s mail included a Val pak envelope. One of the “deals” inside was an interesting one. “Sunday print delivery of the Clarion Ledger – first 52 weeks for 99 cents per week.” They must realize that there is an opening with the CA – it’s dropping subscribers – and they see an opportunity. Can’t deny that Memphians are tired of it! Not that the CL is probably much better. That’s journalism today.

The Trayvon Hoax

A new book about the Trayvon Martin case comes out Monday. It’s called “The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud That Divided America.” In it author Joel Gilbert tells about the girlfriend witness substitution he says was fraudulently made in that case. A clip of his film is here: Will be interesting to read what he has to say about the CA editor Mark Russell who was at the Orlando paper during that case and pushed all the racism buttons.

2 Too Much for Harry and Meg

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, is pushing him to the left. Right off a cliff into a sea of stupidity. The couple now have become “birthstrikers.” What’s that? They are “women and men who have chosen not to procreate until action is taken by governments to halt the impending ecological disaster.” Considering this wallow into stupidity, maybe it will help to have only two offspring of these vain virtue signalling people walking the planet. At least it will cut down on the amount of money the highly taxed British citizenry has to fork over to these useless people.