Memphis Held Hostage: Day 5

Thursday we first got the notification from MLGW that we were to cut back on water usage and boil all water used for drinking, hand washing and teeth brushing.

That’s quite a lot to ask of citizens.

Immediately stores were stripped of water in gallons and bottles.

MLGW did not talk about – at least anywhere that I saw – that you can purify tap water by adding 6 drops of bleach per gallon. It is then drinkable and usable for hand washing, dish rinsing, etc. It at least saves time. Boiling water is fine, but it does take time to cool, unless you like drinking and washing your hands in very hot water.

Today, Monday, MLGW has extended the boil water notification indefinitely.

They still admit that they have not found any contaminants in any of our water. What gives?

I think this Daily Memphian headline proves my point that we are being held hostage until we get higher rates: “MLGW’s water crisis came after funding for infrastructure overhaul was delayed.”

The story says:

“Memphis City Council members began looking Saturday, Feb. 20, at past decisions to delay the rate hikes during a special briefing by MLGW officials. But for the most part, the nine members at the briefing stuck to a review of what is happening now and likely to happen in the week ahead.

“’At this point, I think we ought to, as council members, concentrate on making sure MLGW has all the tools they need to do their job to see us through the last phases of this crisis,’ council chairman Frank Colvett told The Daily Memphian Sunday.

“’Once we are through that, then I think it is very appropriate to look back on ways we can improve so if we do have another event like that, we are even more prepared,’ he said.

“That could come as soon as Tuesday’s council committee sessions.

“Council member Rhonda Logan said Sunday that the city’s highly touted water system didn’t get as much attention as the electric rate hike and infrastructure…
The previous council in 2018 and early 2019 balked at multi-year electric, gas and water rate hikes proposed by Collins to finance what was then a $737 million plan.

“The council instead approved lesser one-year hikes in gas and water rates. At the last meeting of their four-year term of office in December 2019, that council approved multi-year gas and water rate hikes.

“The council then punted the electric rate hike question to the new council elected in 2019 with seven returning members and six new members.

“Without action on electric rates, the total financing package for the upgrades was delayed. The financing is a mix of bond revenue that accounts for about half of the $1 billion ultimately approved and $91.7 million in savings and efficiencies MLGW pledged to make over the five years, as well as rate revenues.”

When the Council meets Tuesday, who wants to bet that the rate hikes are approved?

Shortly after, I would bet, our water problem will disappear.

Our Democrat leaders have learned a lot about how never to let a crisis go to waste.

Are Rate Hikes Behind Water Issue?

Have you wondered why this ice/snowstorm caused us to have problems with the water?

The official explanation is that pipes burst, lowering water pressure, endangering the quality of our water and perhaps leading to a shut off.

Does that sound credible? Why has this not been a problem before?

Could it be that the raise in rates that MLGW has been pushing may be the true reason behind it?
MLGW chief J.T. Young told the Daily Memphian that the advisory remains precautionary and there are no contaminants in the water supply. He also encouraged water use for only the “absolute essentials” in the utility’s attempts to stabilize its water pressure.

If there are no contaminants why are we boiling water?

The situation is so “critical” that the City Council convened yesterday. Of course, there really wasn’t any decision made. They wanted to look on top of the situation for their constituents and perhaps MLGW wanted it to push for rate increases. That’s something the Council has been reluctant to do because Memphians feel they pay enough.

The “critical” information for me was in this part of the DM’s report.

Council member Martavius Jones was among those who pushed for the rate hikes during the tenure of the previous council that ended at the start of 2020.

“I don’t necessarily want to be in the ‘I-told-you-so’ mode,” he said. “But at one of the meetings I talked about this was long overdue.”

“If that council had had the courage to pass along the rate increase, we may have had these problems, but it may not have been to this extent,” Jones said. “Nobody knows.”

The previous council approved water and gas rate hikes on a multi-year basis but went out of office without raising electric rates. The electric rate hike was the first major action the council that took office on New Year’s day 2020 took.

MLGW officials said having the water improvements, including new or replacement wells, probably would have had some impact. But they also said the length and severity of the winter weather over a 10-day period was unprecedented for the utility.

“It would have offered us more flexibility on getting production into our plants and possibly keeping the pressure up,” said Alonzo Weaver, MLGW chief operating officer and senior vice president. “We would have possible been able to recover and have more wells in service.”

There you go. If we had had the money, we could have avoided this. Is this the reason for the conserve and boil water advisory?

Many argue that there is no such thing as coincidence. You decide.

Hagerty Gets Tough on Immigration

At least our new Tennessee senator has decided to push back on Biden’s immigration plans.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) sent a letter on Wednesday to President Joe Biden expressing his opposition to the White House ending Trump administration immigration policies that protect Americans.

“I have serious concerns regarding reports that you are planning to terminate the Trump Administration’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) policy and return to a catch-and-release policy with respect to persons crossing the border,” Hagerty posted on social media with a copy of the letter attached.

Hagerty praised the U.S.-Mexico Joint Declaration negotiated by the Trump administration that kept asylum seekers in Mexico until their status could be adjudicated. That agreement included Mexico agreeing to “accept and offer jobs, health care, and education to persons waiting for asylum determinations under MPP.”

“The letter comes amid reports that an estimated 30,000 migrants—a population roughly the size of Cookeville, Tennessee— are waiting at the border right now to be released next week into the United States given the termination of MPP,” the press release issued by Hagerty’s Senate office said.

Hagerty wrote in the letter:

Terminating MPP would unilaterally discard a significant diplomatic achievement, reward abuse of our generous asylum laws, and endanger American communities as a result. Further, it would exacerbate the damage caused by your other unilateral actions on immigration, including: barring virtually all deportations of illegal immigrants, including violent criminals; halting ongoing construction of a border wall demanded by law enforcement personnel on the front lines; and opening the door to admitting immigrants who cite the need to flee climate change. Human smugglers, who endanger and exploit these migrants while promising passage to the United States in exchange for payment, often train the migrants to falsely claim asylum at the border as their ticket into the interior of the United States. In 2019, the Trump Administration established MPP, which requires that persons seeking asylum in the United States remain in Mexico—rather than being released into the United States—while their claims are adjudicated.

This policy makes sense because admission to the United States should not be automatic, but rather should be based on whether a person is entitled to asylum under the law. Recent data shows that fewer than one in five asylum claims are granted—including only 1.5 percent of MPP cases, according to a February 12, 2021, Los Angeles Times report—and that roughly half of claimants fail to show up for their hearings. Because MPP cases are many times less likely to be meritorious than the typical asylum claim, and roughly half of all asylum claimants do not even show up to complete their immigration hearings, a policy that forces American taxpayers and communities to provide safe harbor to individuals who are so clearly abusing our laws defies all logic.

Hagerty asked the Biden administration to respond to questions he included in the letter:

Will these migrants be released into the general population of the United States while their asylum claims are pending? And if so, how does the government plan to ensure that the migrants show up for all of their immigration court proceedings?
Will these migrants be granted work permits in the United States while their cases are pending?
Will these migrants be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States?
If it is determined that a migrant is not entitled to asylum, will that migrant be immediately removed from the United States?

He also pointed out that Biden’s policies actually favor immigrants over American citizens.

“Abandoning the MPP partnership is especially puzzling during an ongoing global pandemic that has warranted travel restrictions for citizens and has resulted in the closure of American businesses and schools and the elimination of American jobs,” Hagerty wrote. “Incredibly, it seems that with this unprecedented wave of executive orders, more COVID restrictions are being placed on American citizens than on illegal immigrants.”

Hagerty asked the Biden administration to respond by March 1.

Outlook on that doubtful. The Democrats intend to steamroll amnesty and no immigration barriers through Congress. They’ve got a lot of the courts with them, besides their best sidekick, the media.

Mike Wallace: Bigot, Sex Abuser?

Yes, Chris’ dad, the big 60 Minutes star, who went after people with his axe like tongue, may have been worthy of his own investigation.

According to a new book, “Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes,” Wallace had his share of what would now be considered career ousting shenanigans.

From Instapundit: A New York Times review of the book says

[Ira Rosen, the author of Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at ‘60 Minutes,’] also writes that Wallace regularly peppered colleagues with questions about their sex lives; lashed out at them for no good reason; grabbed the bottoms and breasts of women who worked in the office; pulled them onto his lap; and snapped bra straps.

“The verbal harassment I experienced from Mike Wallace and other TV big shots was, in a word, criminal,” Rosen writes. He says he stuck it out for so long “in part out of fear, but mostly out of ambition.”

In a 1991 article for Rolling Stone, the journalist Mark Hertsgaard reported that Hewitt and Wallace routinely harassed women in the workplace. In 2017, “60 Minutes” tried to obscure its past. Richard Zoglin, a biographer, was hired by Simon & Schuster, a publisher then owned by the CBS Corporation, to write a book on the show’s history in time for its 50th anniversary. After he started asking about the treatment of women on staff, he was replaced by a new author: Jeff Fager, who had succeeded Hewitt as the show’s top producer.

The above New York Times review doesn’t mention if this infamous moment in Mike Wallace’s career appears in Rosen’s book. As described by the late Roger Ailes, someone else who understood the blending of theater and journalism even more than Hewitt and Wallace:

Recognize that any time you are in the presence of a newsperson, the conversation is fair game for the record. Jimmy Carter’s famous confession that he sometimes had lust in his heart for women other than his wife was uttered to a Playboy magazine journalist as he was leaving Carter’s home at the conclusion of the formal interview. Even Mike Wallace, big-game hunter of the unguarded moment, got caught in this snare. As recounted on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal by TV critic Daniel Henninger in March of 1981, Wallace:
Wallace was interviewing a banker in San Diego about an alleged home improvement fraud involving mainly black and Hispanics, who supposedly had signed contract they couldn’t understand, which led to foreclosures on their home mortgages.The bank hired a film crew of its own to record the interview with Mr. Wallace. The bank apparently left its recorder running during a break in the CBS interview, and the tape has Mr. Wallace saying, in reply to a question about why the black and Hispanic customers would have signed their contracts, “They’re probably too busy eating their watermelon and tacos.”

When the Los Angeles Times got wind of this indiscretion and reported it, there was at least a minor uproar from reporters and others about Wallace’s “racially disparaging joke”. Wallace ultimately pleaded “no bias”, admitting that over time he’d privately told jokes about many ethnic groups but that his record “speaks for itself”. Henninger added, “Needless to say, this has to be the most deliciously lip-smacking bit of irony to pop out of the oven in a long time. Here we have the dogcatcher cornered. The lepidopterist pinned. The preacher in flagrante delicto. This is the fellow who has imputed all manner of crimes against social goodness to a long lineup of businessmen and bureaucrats. From here on out, all future victims of Mr. Wallace can take some small comfort in knowing that although they may stand exposed as goof-offs, thieves and polluters, he’s the guy who made the crack about the watermelons and tacos.”

Since his death, the liberal media has viciously attacked Rush Limbaugh. In all his years and hours of broadcasting, Limbaugh never said anything remotely racist as this, nor did he have a reputation for going after female employees.

Liberal privilege.